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Who We Are

Meet the Team

Sylvester ( Volunteer Teacher )

I  joined Future Visions as a Teaching Assistant, progressed to  Trainee Teacher Role as part of my ongoing personal development, became  Acting Project Officer after completing my PGCE training.  currently i am a General Assistant.

  • I design FV Curriculum 

  • I plan and deliver FV courses and Advocacy Support sessions
  • I work on fundraising strategies
  • I assess the accredited courses
  • I help committee members to run their own meetings
  • I organise the events and outings

Janet (FV Consultant and Mentor)

I started working for Future Visions in April 2013

I mentor FV Trainee Teacher

Currently i am a specialist  adhoc consultant and Mentor to Trainee Teachers.

Shanna (FV Secretary, Volunteer, Member)

I have been a member of Future Visions for 2 years.

  • I take notes during FV meetings 
  • I help with organising the events 
  • I make sure FV calendar is up to date

Mohammed (Volunteer Photographer)

I take pictures of important events and record the progress in art classes.

Meet the Trustees

John C (Treasurer, Trustee)

I have been with Future Visions for 12 years

  • I keep money records & negotiate contracts with CIL and Trafford Council
  • I support staff in the development of the new projects

Urszula (Quality Manager, Trustee)

I have been with Future Visions for over 2 years

  • I prepare Open Awards accredited courses
  • I verify the work of FV Assessor
  • I mentor and assess Trainee Teachers
  • I do fundraising
  • I am conducting a qualitative research projects
  • I am working on raising FV profile online

Darren ( FV Social Media Officer and Trustee)

I have been a member of Future Visions for 14 years

  • I answer emails
  • I manage FV Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • I work on making new links and collaborations 
  • I’m Co-Chair of the Autism partnership Board as well as regional rep for Living Well and Staying Healthy and I am also a Director of Pathways.

Roy (Chair an Trustee)

I have been a member of Future Visions for more than a year now

Avril (Trustee)

Donavan (Trustee)

Meet the Members






We also have a number of members incognito, not fans of social media! 

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