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Football Training with Don: May 2018

Donovan prepared a presentation about his favourite football team - Manchester City. He shared the photographs signed by the players and his achievements in acquiring football skills. 

His presentation was followed by a fun and engaging football training practice where Future Visions members had an opportunity to join Don in his passion. 

If you would like to visit us or join our Friday classes dates and times of our activities can be found here.

Google Training @ Manchester Google Digital Garage: March 2018

On the request of few of our members wanting to improve their computer literacy skills Rasha organised a Google Training session at Google Digital Garage.

Future Visions's members reported that the session was delivered be friendly staff and the training package fun and inclusive. 

If you are interested in organising a digital training @Google Digital Garage here is the link. 

Chinese Calligraphy Session with Shanna: February 2018

As part of our new FV Life Skills Trainer Training members have been practicing their presentation skills. 

Shanna delivered a fantastic presentation on Chinese calligraphy sharing her passion for calligraphy writing. 

The group throughly enjoyed the engaging session that involved a practical task of tracing the letters.  The pictures below are the evidence of that!

Future Visions Life Skills Trainer Training Course January 2018 Enrolments!

After extensive work designing the curriculum for our new programme we are finally ready to start the enrolment for our exciting new course FV Life Skills Trainer Training funded by Big Lottery Fund. There are still few spaces left so do not wait and embark on a new adventure in 2018!

The new Open Awards accredited course covers the following units:

  • Personal Action Planning (Entry 3)
  • Presentation Skills (Entry 3)
  • Introduction to Peer Support (Level 1) 
  • Peer Mediating (Level 1)

For those interested or to request more information please contact us:

Accredited by Open Awards


Future Visions Christmas Party @ Britannia Hotel 

Christmas Spirit at Future Visions

While the Christmas are still few weeks away the Christmas spirit is already present at Future Visions. Rasha is successfully delivering activities designed to develop the confidence and peer support skills while having fun making cards and Christmas decorations. 

Future Vision are also planning a Christmas Party 2017 where together we can reflect on our achievements this year. We are thankful that despite the challenges and transitions we have grown and learned from each-other. 

We are hopeful that we will continue to flourish and develop in the upcoming year 2018! 

The development of our new programme funded by Awards for All - Big Lottery Fund is progressing in spite of organisational changes. This would not be possible without the support of dedicated team members and volunteers. 

We are grateful for Rasha - our new enthusiastic and committed teacher, actively searching for new ideas and creative learning strategies to enable Future Visions members to maximise their potential. 

We are thankful to John, our reliable and trustworthy Treasurer and Trustee for his support in another transitional period in the development of Future Visions. We also appreciate our Trustees and members, without them the achievements of our organisation would not be possible. 

We are planning fun and exciting activities during the upcoming festive period - so keep your eyes open and do not forget checking our monthly schedules on the home page!

Educational Trip to Chester Museum

We have all enjoyed our visit to Chester Museum. Regardless of the unfavourable weather and disruptions in public transport we have still learned a lot. Members of Future Visions participated in a Quiz testing their observational skills and encouraging curiosity about the past.

Members Taking the Stand as Part of our New Train The Trainer Project.

Member's working on their art and design, to project and discuss with peers developing their presentation skills as part of the Train the Trainer Project, the outcome was absolutely amazing. 

           Open Day and The Launch of Future Visions Train the Trainer course

The lunch of Future Visions Train the Trainer course, a unique and promising training for our learners funded by Award for All was a success.

Staff from Trafford council, TDAN and our invited Guests all came to ST Mathews Hall to Eat Drink and Discuss FV Journey so far as well as our plan for the new Project which is being funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

              FV Member Day Trip to   Dunham Massey's Deer Park

FV Members Enjoyed a day out in the park as part of our outdoor summer activities. It was a day to remember, we all enjoyed the Park as members took amazing photographs of the animals , the say ended with Long Healthy Walk form the park.

                                              Future Visions Open Day Event

Members of the public and organisations are being invited to attend 

our open day events.

A day off class activities to entertain and discuss our plans 

and future project with members of the public.

An Emotional Farewell To Our Trainee Teachers

We are grateful to the School of Education at  Bolton University for providing our centre with Trainee Teachers. 

It has been our pleasure to have them with us and we appreciate  all their hard work. 

We all at Future Visions wish them success in their Future Endeavours.

Our Future Vision Chef series

The members enjoyed the Microwave cooking and smoothie making session course delivered by our lovely trainee teacher Rasha. 

It was difficult for the members to pick a favourite out of cupcakes in the mug, cheesy/tomato pasta, chocolate brownies with dash of ice cream and a quiche Lorraine... 

We enjoyed them all!!

Toolkit for Employment

Learners using simulations  Practised Factory Production Line work, Picking and Packing.

Sample of work produced by participants who enjoyed our Painting and Decorator workshop using practical demonstrations. 

Part of our toolkit for Employment workshop on being a Baker making Pizza.It was quite a day, but we are proud of the hard work by participants who all made their own Pizza.

Final work produced by learner, decorating own Cake.

                                  Everybody Matters @ TCIL With TDAN

Future visions and TIDAN members engaged and enjoyed the discussions and the use of creativity in exploring and discussing our various rights and responsibilities.

The workshop was part of our project in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police to Provide Awareness on Disability Hate Crime.

Although there were assessments at the end as the workshop was part of an open award accredited course, everybody agreed they enjoyed the session.

New Courses  With TDAN @ TCIL (Trafford Centre for Independent Living)

Future Visions  Courses @ Oakland House

Staying Safe in Trafford + Hate Crime Awareness Training @ TCIL  

Future Visions inviting Future Artists to join Us Eradicating Hate Crime through Art

Future Visions members delivering training to Trainee Teachers! 

Future Visions members had a challenging and rewarding tasks at hand when delivering the training to trainee teachers at the Bolton University. For some of Future Visions members it was a very first visit to a University and it took a lot of courage to take that step, but to deliver sessions about learning disability and hate crime while giving testimonies was a healing and empowering experience for the members and extremely powerful message for the trainee teachers and staff. It has been evidenced in feedback collected from trainee teachers and staff.

Staying Safe in Trafford Workshop

Funded by Trafford Partnership  Staying Safe in Trafford workshop was successfully  delivered on 14 October at Fiona Gardens.  We were happy to welcome representatives from Future Directions,   Dyspraxia Foundation  and Trafford College.  we really enjoyed the presentations  delivered by Community Officer  and fire services representative. 

Delivering Hate Crime Awareness Training at St Williams

We have successfully delivered our first disability hate crime awareness training to  to the year 6 class  at St William's primary school.  We have received amazing feedback from the kids,  and  Future  Visions members  felt inspired  and empowered that they can make impact  on the lives of others.  Staff at St Williams,  especially  the head teacher Emily Ellis provided us with  warm welcome and excellent support. 

For June

Our Fairy God Mother that despite all the obstacles of reality never stopped believing in magic of love, care and kindness....

We miss you...

Join us at Staying Safe in Trafford day workshop funded by Trafford Partnership

Future Visions Graduation!

The beggining of September was marked by Future Visions Graduation Ceremony where our members received the Open Awards Certifictes and Awards with their newly gained qualifications. You can see our Graduation Ceremony Video by checking out the latest V-log!

Future Visions Passport to Independent Living Art Exhibition

Our Art Exhibition at Fiona Gardens was an absolute success! We loved the venue; the staff and residents shown a lot of interest in the art work and were extremely welcoming. Our Future Visions Amateur Artists had an opportunity to talk about their inspirations and processes when creating their art pieces and to enjoy the positive attention.

The FV Art Exhibition was a lovely way to mark the end of the courses that were funded by Big Lottery Fund and accredited by Open Awards but more importantly to embrace the achievement of Future Visions members that worked so hard on the art work as well as on building up the courage to exhibit it in the community.

Have a look at our Gallery to view more photographs from the event.

Thank you to TCIL for Cilla :)

We have been invited to join in decorating fiberglass monkey called Cilla. Trafford Centre for Independent Living adopted Cilla and she will be displayed in this Summer’s Sale Art Zoo; an outdoor exhibition of Art Animals happening through Sale this Summer. The project is run by Community Group Two by Two and “it is about celebrating George Mottershead, the founder of Chester Zoo who was born and raised in Sale” (Zoe Taylor, 2016).

The Manchester Museum Visit

A day out visiting reptiles, dinosaurs, mummies and even some living creatures! 

We were lucky to have a very knowledgeable member of Manchester Museum Staff to share with us the story behind the origins of the first money which was truly fascinating.

We also used the opportunity to have a pizza in the indoor picnic area, luckily there was no reptiles down here!

Future Visions & TDAN

Future Visions have been contracted by TDAN (Trafford CIL) to deliver a  Healthy Living Course -  Entry Level 1 Open Awards Award in Skills for Further Learning and Employment

The course was very popular, we had 14 registered learners, some of them included FV members. The course was 9 weeks long  and the feedback from the learners was very positive.

As part of the accreditation for the course we had our first External Verification visit from Open Awards which resulted in a excellent report but more importantly in over 90% of learners gaining Open Awards Qualifications and lovely certificates of course!

Sale Waterside Art Gallery Open Exhibition - FV Entries

During our last Art Gallery Visit  we have learned that Sale Waterside art Gallery announced an Open Exhibition where up to 3 pieces of work by a contestant can be submitted for competition.

Some of the Future Visions members attending Crafty Art Skills course decided to take on the challenge and  participate in the competition.  

Unfortunately, we did not qualify to the next stage - maybe next year, we never give up!

Waterside Art Gallery Visit

The FV members enjoyed the exhibition, although they have wished that it was bigger!

The success of FV Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair was a part of Future Visions Passport to Independent Living Project funded by Awards for All - Big Lottery Fund. 

Future Visions members worked extremely hard on preparing for the fair and it has payed off - we have raised £25,70 from the sale of Christmas cards. 

The Future Visions handmade Christmas cards sale continues in Trafford CIL, Marshall House, 2 Park Avenue, Sale, M33 6HE.

Christmas Town Mock-up

Christmas Town Mack-up was only possible due to the the project created by architect Maciej Plust.

Future Visions members did an amazing job following the instructions and completing the complex construction.

The project is currently on display at Trafford CIL, Marshall House, 2 Park Avenue, Sale, M33 6HE.

Preparing for the Christmas Fair

Members of Future Visions designing their own Christmas cards and creating Christmas town mock-up.

Everyone are really excited about the Christmas Fair in The Square Shapping Centre!

Dyspraxia Book by Janet Taylor

Congratulations to our Janet on her first book and reading the reviews surely not last! 

The ebook can be purchased from Amazon:

Accredited Courses

Future Visions Passport to Indepedent Living

Future Visions are happy to announce the launch of the new project funded by Big Lottery Fund - Awards for All. If you would like to find out more please go to the section FV Passport where you can find the information about the courses and open events.

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